The Fiduciary Formula


Published in 2020

The Fiduciary Formula: 6 Essential Elements to Create the Perfect Corporate Retirement Plan

"I have admired Josh for many years.  He is a pioneer in our industry and at the forefront of helping retirement plan fiduciaries understand their responsibilities and navigate the complexities of ERISA.  Anyone serving as a retirement plan fiduciary would be well served by reading this book.  Your company, your participants and your fellow committee members will be happy you did."

- Fielding Miller, CEO and Co-Founder of CAPTRUST

Are you the decision-maker for your company's retirement plan? In legal-speak, that’s known as a fiduciary, and it’s a heavy responsibility.

In fact, you’re probably aware that you’re personally liable for your decisions, and you’ve probably heard all the horror stories about lawsuits against companies like yours and people like you. You may also be facing immense pressure from your employees and coworkers, who are trusting you to make decisions about their retirement future. Meanwhile, you’re being bombarded by hordes of slick salespeople spouting confusing technical jargon.

But the “f-word” isn’t a responsibility you should fear. It’s one you should embrace!

That’s where The Fiduciary Formula comes in. This simple, easy-to-understand guide teaches you how to build a retirement plan your company can be proud of. Covering everything from plan design, fees, and investments to participant support and provider management, The Fiduciary Formula is your roadmap for making successful decisions for your company and the people you care about.

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