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Investment Process
September 6, 2020

Todd Lacey is Chief Revenue Officer at Stadion, an investment management firm that provides custom managed account solutions to retirement plan advisors, plan sponsors and participants.

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The Fiduciary U™ Podcast shares the latest information on corporate retirement plan trends, ideas, and best practices to assist decision-makers and others in this industry in being more effective at their jobs. The show features industry experts across multiple disciplines who share their unique perspectives and actionable insights about how to provide a great retirement plan for employees in a rapidly changing world.

Your host, Josh Itzoe, is the author of The Fiduciary Formula and Fixing the 401(k). The goal of Fiduciary U™ is to build a community that helps all of us enhance our knowledge, sharpen our skills, and stay at the forefront of industry trends so we can do our jobs better and make a positive impact in the lives of real people whose financial futures depend on us.

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Josh Itzoe

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer @ Greenspring Advisors